Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chapter 18 Dark Witch

Branna had a list for Iona after her journey to Nan's. The lemon was in her pocket!!!

Anyways Iona had to find 4 things in order that Branna and Connor chose for her.

Iona finds them all plus a attick above Brannas room that she didn't know was there.

After they are dinner and then Iona cleaned the kitchen and made it sparkle so Branna would be happy about a clean kitchen.

Iona was going to take her items to be cleansed when someone knocked at the door.

She opened it and there is Boyle with flowers. Ahhhh

He came in and Iona put the flowers in a vase with water then outlined what she wanted from Boyle.

He still wants her and is madly in love with her but willing to respect her wishes.

He still feels bad that he thought she used magik on him when she didn't.

Boyle left and is going along with Iona's terms for now.

I hope they get back together because they are made for each other.

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