Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chapter 16 Dark Witch

Iona is putting lipgloss on so she can talk to Boyle into a ride on Alastair and then dinner then his bed, oh boy!

Iona talks to Connor about love and if he has been in love and he can tell that Iona is in love.

Boyke sent people home early and is brushing Darling (mare) when Fin shows up. Boyke was thinking about paperwork and bills and Iona.

Boyke talks to Fin about what happened with him and Iona and her vision that she had at the friary.

Alastair is jealous when Boyle is talking which I find funny. Made me smile too.

Boyle also rants to fin about Iona but Fin says " it sounds like you are in love to me ".

Boyle is not used to these kind of feelings that he has for Iona and he's not sure what to do.

He even thinks that Iona has put a love spell on him.

Now Iona has more respect than that and would never use a love spell on anyone and Branna would not let her.

Iona hears everything and tells Boyle that she would leave him alone. He could tell she was hurting from what he said.

He wanted to fix it but Iona didn't and asked for a ride home from Fin.

Boyle said he would but Iona said no! And Fin brought her home in silence.

After dropping Iona off Fin thought it would be best to get Connor and all three could get drunk.

Iona walks in and Branna knew something was wrong and Iona told her. So Branna called Meara who brought pizza and wine and ice cream with her and they had a girls night.

Connor and Fin talked to Boyle and told him it would take time and that flowers may not work over here.

Boyle is not happy he hurt Iona but what's done is done.

While Branna and Meara and Iona were having talks with a roaring fire, Iona wanted music do Branna got her fiddle but noticed the fog around the house.

Cabhan was there but they decided to play music and be happy and say "f you" to Cabhan.

Onto the next chapter

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