Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chapter 15 Dark Witch

In this chapter Iona goes out to see what else there is besides her job, home and Ashford Castle.

Boyle takes her and won't let her drive(she wants to learn).

They visited a few places and she felt right at home. She went to Ballintubber Abbey.

Conchobair built it and is ancestor to Iona.

They also went to Ross Abbey which was a friary. Boyle thinks the Brits kicked out the monks and claimed it as there own.

Iona was exploring and then said she died here or it was her blood relatives that died here.

She knew Cabhan was waiting for this woman and trying to call her to him. He was greedy for her power(the relative) but the lady was dying.

Iona's eyes went black!

Scary but Iona keeps talking and knows that the lady has a granddaughter and knows that she has to pass on the power and amulet even though she doesn't want too.

Iona also spoke in Irish and Boyke could make out some but not all of it. Iona's eyes rolled back and she told Boyke she had to leave the place.

It was draining Iona but Boyle took a hold tight of her and carried her out. He has seen Connor have a vision before so Boyke knew what to expect.

They head back to see Branna and Connor to tell them of the vision.

The Irish that Iona spoke was of you're the one but there must be three and it ends here for me begins for you.

I'm wondering if the old lady said this to her granddaughter before she died to pass on the power and amulet.

Or it means that it will take Branna, Connor and Iona to go up against Cabhan.

Guess we will find out, next chapter

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