Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chapter 12 Dark Witch

Well here we are on chapter 12.

Iona is giving Sarah lessons and Sarah's mom is there watching. 

After the lesson Boyle sees Iona and takes Darking and Alastair out for a ride.

Iona knew the horses liked looking at each other and Iona told Boyle.

They went to the river and near the castle and then headed back to the stables.

On the way back the wolf appears aka Cabhan. There was no warning, no fog or nothing.

He just comes out with teeth baring and growling.

Iona conjured up a wind tunnel after setting fire. The wind tunnel was very powerful and she made it very strong too.

Boyle talked her down and the storm became calm after she took a tree apart and Cabhan was not happy to be in wind either.

Iona was pale and shaky after and she took a couple deep breaths like Boyle told her to do.

They went back to the stables and Boyle took her to his place which was closest and got her whiskey to calm her and him.

After he made her dinner and then his temper came out. 

Now it gets better because Iona states that she wants to sleep with Boyle and be next him every morning.

The chapter leaves off with Boyle and Iona kissing but I have a suspicion that they are going to have sex.

Onto the next chapter!

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