Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dukes Obsession by Sandra Owens Review

The Dukes Obsession by Sandra Owens

Review done by Cassandra Brooker  for Cassandra’s Reviews

This is 5 stars!
I love romance but I also like when it’s well written in history time piece.

Christian is very handsome and miserable after being forced into marriage, one he didn’t want. I wouldn’t want an arranged marriage either. He is now a Duke and heads to London where he runs into Katherine who is a duchess.
Christian fell in love with Katherine a long time ago but with an arranged marriage, they couldn’t get married. He has tried to forget about her for years and here she is in London with Christian’s enemy!

Katherine meets with the Viscount of DeWynter and she thinks he has clues to where her step mother is, her step mother just up and disappeared and she does not know why. Katherine befriends the Viscount to find a lead in finding her step mother.
She did not plan on Christian arriving in London and now she is torn between two men. How can you be torn between 2 men?! Her heart has been with Christian all this time and she is torn between 2 men!?
So how will Katherine find her step mother with a Viscount and a Duke?
Who will she choose?
Will she find her stepmother?

I recommend this book if you like historical romances and it’s a great read too.