Monday, August 24, 2015

Tempted: A Step Brother Romance Novel by J.L. Ostle

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Title: Tempted : A StepBrother Romance Novel 

Author: J.L. Ostle 

Genre: Romance

Release Date: August 9, 2015

synopsis Have you ever been tempted by something or someone you know you shouldn't have? Craved something so much, it overtakes every thought? I have. I've recently moved in with my father and his new family. My father who I once saw as my hero, is now a stranger. It's been seven years since I last saw him, if it wasn't for my mother getting her new promotion, and me finishing senior year, I wouldn't be here. The worst part is his new wife, my stepmother. She is warm and friendly and I hate that I like her, but it's her son, my stepbrother Aidan who I can't stand. He's a cocky a**hole who has found a new pleasure to get under my skin. At school people treat him like he's some kind of God, women throw themselves at him, as the guys kiss his ass. Yes he has a delicious body you just want to lick all over, live out every dirty fantasy, but his attitude stinks. He pretends we don't live under the same roof, pretends I'm a complete stranger around others. I hate him so much, hate how he teases me in front of his friends, throws himself into my personal space, yet my traitorous body reacts to him. I want him to touch me, feel me, taste me. Have him control my body, even though I know it's wrong, it makes me crave him to want me more. I'm here for six months, surely I can handle six months living with him. Right? New adult contemporary romance with mature content.
Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations
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authorbio2 J.L. Ostle was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living in Carlisle, England. J.L. Ostle is a full time mother looking after her cute, active little boy. When she she hasn't got her head stuck in a book or writing, she's watching movies, or doing activities with her friends and their children. 163015_1678030227066_1811501_n…/e/B00UDXOZ3M/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1… Other Books by J.L. Ostle BUY NOW by clicking covers!! A Simple Change asimplechangecover The Hardest of Changes

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