Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Am The Alpha by A.J. Downey and Ryan Kells review

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I Am The Alpha (Moon Forged #1)

The pack has ruled over its territory, the wilds of Washington, for a generation, but that has all crumbled with the murder of the Alpha. William Reese is determined he will heal the pack by taking leadership, but in doing so he pits himself against enemies he may not be able to beat.

Chloe has been pulled from her home and thrust into a world she never knew existed, a world her father was careful to keep hidden from her. She is now threatened with a gruesome death by terrifying creatures from legend.

Somehow William and Chloe must find a way to work together to stay alive against the forces determined to see them dead.

Review done by Cassandra  Brooker

I give this 5 Stars!

I do really like reading shapeshifter books and this book flowed together and you would not think it was co-written. Great job on writing it!

Chloe is very sheltered because of her father but she starts to realise there is more than meets the eye. She is also naive but it’s because she is sheltered and she is on tough chic.

William is a great alpha leader and with Chloe’s one liners, he has to pause for a moment but it keeps him on his toes and he wants to heal his pack and kill whatever wants the pack dead. Forces are working against him and Chloe.

Chloe also is fiesty, naive and argumentative which makes a great character. I love when you get someone who argues plus it makes for great reading too.

Will the pack live and be able to heal?

I recommend you get this book and read it to find out what happens. Its the first book in the trilogy (Moon Forged #1) so go get it.

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