Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dark Phoenix By Elise Faber Review

Dark Phoenix by Elise Faber Review

Review Done by Cassandra Brooker

This is 5 stars!!!!!

I love this series and you will too! Very well written by Elise Faber.

Warning: May contain spoilers!

In this book we continue Daughtry’s journey and she makes a bond with Cody but he pushes her away. His sister doesn’t even like her no matter how hard she tries to be nice.

Cody wants to use Daughtry for her powers because of the bond they share. I think Cody needs to figure out what he wants before pushing away the one person  he truly loves. He will damage what they have and he is stubborn!

This is a rollercoaster of emotions and will grip you from the beginning to end! People at the Colony judge her all the time and I know how that feels. Daughtry still works hard and just keeps her head up. She is one tough chic.

While at the colony, Daughtry makes enemies and is once again isolated like before. I don’t like when people feel isolated either, it sucks and can be miserable.

This is a book I recommend to everyone, it will keep you guessing and turning the page. Get the first book and the second book in this series. You will love every minute of the series!!!

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