Saturday, August 15, 2015

Illicit Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco

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Illicit Temptations
by Janine Infante Bosco
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Contemporary Romantic Suspense
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Michael Valente...

My father was the Underboss of an organized crime family. He was murdered
when I was a teenager leaving me broken. My mother died in a tragic
accident, her death annihilated me. My life was in shambles until Victor
Pastore, one of New York’s most notorious gangsters and my late father’s
best friend, recruited me to work for him.

Everyone expected me to walk in my father’s shadow, to be the prodigal son,
the next big thing to hit the mob. I was torn between filling those
expectations and walking the straight line my mother wished I had. Nothing
made sense and I felt as if I was just passing through life.

The only beacon of light in my otherwise dark world was the one girl that
was off limits to me. The one girl who could bring me to my knees consuming
my mind, body and soul.

She’s the sweetest temptation I’ve ever known and the most illicit.

Nikki Pastore....

My father’s a gangster. My boyfriend’s is the king of New York’s
nightclubs. I am often labeled as Vic’s daughter or Rico’s girl, never just
Nikki. I struggle for people to acknowledge me for the woman I am and not
for the men in my life. I’m fighting a losing battle.

There is only one person who sees me for me, my Mikey.
He’s wild.
He’s reckless.
He’s hot as hell.
He’s completely unattainable, but oh so tempting.

The TRAGIC SILENCE story continues...

Young German nurse Hanna Bernstein has secretly researched vampirism all her life, carrying on her family's 250 year-old legacy. Along with her father, she is the caretaker of Die Gift: a collection of unpublished theses detailing the most secret and mysterious condition in history. But even she is unprepared for the twisted world of demons which threatens to swallow her.

Risking everything to save the life of an old friend, she is forced to abandon all she knows and go into hiding in Switzerland. But with a powerful enemy on her trail, Hanna's decisions will matter more than ever before.

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