Monday, August 17, 2015

Tyrant by T.M. Fraizer Review

Tyrant by T.M. Fraizer


Review done by Cassandra Brooker for Cassandra’s Reviews

This is a 10 star book!!!!

It wowed me! I read this book in a day and I really want to have spoilers in my review but I don’t want to spoil it for you!

We continue the story of Pup and King. Pup goes back home and tries to remember her life as “Ray” which she feels claustrophobic at the house. Her parents are not that great and I wouldn’t blame her for running in the first place.

You do find one thing about her friend Nikki which made me smile because as much as she was a bad influence she was helping Pup all along.

King still fights for Pup and even has people watch her from afar. Pup talks to her old boyfriend Tanner which does trigger some memories. Pup doesn’t remember a lot but it slowly ill come back to her.

Now the name of the book Tyrant, you will find out when you read the book who it is. Trust me, you will be very shocked at who it is and if you think you know, keep guessing!

I highly recommend this book but if you  haven’t read King yet you should! Read King and then Tyrant by T.M. Fraizer! You will love booth books. Great writing and great dynamic in both.

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