Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Club Box Set

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The Club Box Set
*The Darkest Corners, Katherine Rhodes*
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The darkest corners hold the most sinful delights.
Tally Fremanis lives in the dark corners, seeking those sinful delights.
It's been her whole life since college. A founding owner of The Club, she
is a demanding mistress both in and out of the bedroom.
Discretion in all matters is her modus operandi, and to this end The Club
needs new security system. But when she hires Liam Dunfrees, she finds
herself wondering if there might be more to him.
The sparks that fly in the bedroom burn both Tally and Liam. With other
scars beneath the surface, neither of them are sure they have the strength
to fight for this potential new love.
At the club, there are three rules--
1. Keep your mouth shut.
2. Keep your mouth shut
3. Keep your mouth shut.
But sometimes, someone has to speak up...
*Piqued, Elise Black*
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Claire Phillips is a creative genius. Her canvas is an empty room, her
mediums paint wheels and fabric samples. This interior designer’s work is
as bold and colorful as her life is dull and monochromatic. If only she
could live her life with the same reckless abandon that she devotes to her
Sometimes dreams aren’t enough. When circumstances become dire, Claire must
decide whether to close up shop or accept a job opportunity that’s both too
good and too bizarre to be true.
At The Club, there are three rules:
1. Keep your mouth shut.
2. Keep your mouth shut.
3. Keep your mouth shut.
Some people like to watch and some people like to be watched. Claire thinks
she’s neither, but when the man who holds the future of her business in his
hands shows a side of himself she’s never seen before, she’ll have to admit
that her interest in The Club is
*Heady Velvet, Emily Walker *
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Alice Plume is a carefree spirit. She doesn’t get worked up about much—how
could she when her son-in- law owns a secret sex club?
While she’s fine with the fact that her daughter lives a life surrounded by
kink, she’s never had any desire to venture further into the lifestyle—or
even the club itself—other than catering a party or two. But then, she
meets Knoll Seaton.
Knoll is the sexy personification of the ‘silver fox—a real estate mogul
with a voice that makes her insides melt, and touch that makes her want to
beg. He’s also very much into the club lifestyle.
Alice isn’t sure that she can change her perception of sex to meet Knoll
halfway...but Knoll isn’t one to walk away from something he wants. And he
wants Alice.
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