Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sealed in Blood Review

Sealed in Blood by Jenna Fox Review

I'm speechless, very speechless. A book has never done that to me before and this book does it.

This is 10 hot sex crazed stars!

Rachel who is a cellist is non existent in the world and sticks to a strict schedule and does not really experience much, kinda like me. I work a lot plus read and review and don't go out much.

Rachel seems very sheltered but she also chose to be that way to be a great cellist. Her friend Alex is awesome and tries to Rachel to do stuff and listen to different music.

Alex is awesome! I like how she buys beer for a hot tattooed guy and says it's from Rachel.

She is so scared but can't say no to hot tattoo guy. They have great chemistry and great sex, I had to fan myself a lot!

They even have sex in public! At Tilt too!

Sad part is when they don't exchange info even though she doesn't want to get distracted in Boston.

It makes me happy that she is going to Boston because it's only 2 hours from where I live.

Will she find Mr. Hot Tattoo Rocker for more hot sex? Will he seek her out? Have to wait for the next book.

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