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Deep Down Release Blitz

Deep Down
Deep Down (Sam Stone) by Janean Worth Release Blitz (@janeanworth)
Genre: Suspense
Release Date: July 28th, 2015
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An all-new series with an all-new hero! Sam Stone will take your breath away.
Deep down, six hundred and forty feet underground, danger lurks...
Jenny Strafford and her fiance, Stone, are out for a dinner date with friends. It’s supposed to be fun, romantic even, but the setting leaves much to be desired, at least for Jenny. She’s not fond of enclosed spaces, or being underground.
What starts out as a fun evening soon turns into a dangerous struggle to survive.
In order to protect Jenny, Stone must fall back on his military police training. And even those hard-won skills may not be enough to save the love of his life - and over a hundred other innocent people trapped underground with them.
Janean Worth is the author of sixteen books in genres ranging from Children's fiction to Young Adult Sci-Fi to adult Suspense, all of which contain action and adventure. Under the guise of writer, Janean Worth has lived many full and wonderful lives through the characters that she creates. Always an avid reader, and now a prolific writer, Janean strives to write stories that readers can use to escape into another life as well.
Ms. Worth also writes non-fiction articles and essays under a penname, having over 50 pieces - both online and in print - currently published. Her story in Cup of Comfort for Friends helped to earn the book a place on the New York Times bestseller list.
When she's not writing, illustrating or working with a computer, Ms. Worth dabbles in photography, outdoor recreation and cycling. She also reads piles of books, designs her own book covers and enjoys spending time with her family.
Visit her website at www.janeanworth.com to read excerpts, view new releases or just find out more about this busy author.
Deep Down Excerpts
Excerpt #1
Laramy’s throat constricted suddenly with a stronger urge to cough, taking his mind off of the earlier scene with the security guard, but he held back the cough with effort and gulped down more water.
Man, I’m going to have to tell mom that I need different allergy pills as soon as she’s not so mad at me. The ones I’ve been taking aren’t doing a thing for me tonight.
Irritated at the failure of the pills, his urge to cough, and the whole darn situation, he gave up trying not to scratch, and vigorously dug his fingernails into the skin of his upper arm, scratching at the bone-deep itch that prickled invisibly just under the skin. The whole evening had been a waste, as far as he was concerned. He knew that his mom had wanted him to come and have a good time because she was always saying that they didn’t spend enough time together anymore, but, c’mon, a murder mystery dinner theater? Lame!
He’d have rather stayed at home and played Oblivion with his online friends. Not that the actor wasn’t funny – the guy was hilarious – but Laramy preferred online gaming to in-person performances. And, besides, he’d almost beat level eight in the game, and sitting here with his mom wasn’t going to get him to level nine now was it?
As he watched the actor pirouette around the room in a ridiculous looking tutu while continuing his parody of the Sugarplum Fairy, Laramy suddenly had the strangest urge to scream. Not just figuratively, like people often said, but a real, out-loud, yell-at-the-top-of-his-lungs scream. He held back the urge that welled up in is throat and scratched at his itching skin hard enough to draw blood.
He felt that he either needed to scratch or scream, and since his mom was already mad at him for disturbing “Ed” and would be even angrier at him if he started screaming now, he continued to scratch, ignoring the blood.
Excerpt #2
A cold December wind buffeted the mobile CDC command center, setting it to rocking slightly on its wheels as it sat in the small parking lot of the Strata museum.
Logan Stanley ignored the rocking motion under his feet as he stood rigidly in front of his boss. Anger flared through every bone in his body and he strained to keep it in check.
“You’re not serious, Sir?” Logan asked, staring hard at his superior, unwilling to believe that the man was so incredibly cold-hearted.
Dennis Malnon didn’t even flinch at his tone. The man seemed either not to notice Logan’s anger, or he simply did not care whether Logan was angry or not. Either way, what he was proposing was astounding, and Logan couldn’t let it go.
Slim, bordering on emaciated, the CDC supervisor was also overly tall, giving him a stork-like appearance. His long, beaked nose accentuated this resemblance, as did his beady eyes, slightly stooped shoulders and a head full of white hair that had been cut short, combed neatly and plastered to his skull with lots of hair product. The man’s angular, avian face showed no emotion as he gazed back at Logan.
“I’m completely serious, Logan. In situations like these, when you’re dealing with an unknown, a hundred or so lives is an acceptable loss when compared to a global pandemic.”
Excerpt #3
Ahead, the tunnel funneled into a smaller area where the visitors to the museum were to wait for their turn to board the lift. There was no outlet there. Once they went into that area, the tunnel that they now crept down would be at their backs, and it would be their only avenue of escape, other than going up to the surface in the lift.
The gooseflesh upon her arms grew larger and she shivered in dread. She longed to tell Stone to be careful, but the words froze in her throat for fear that anyone guarding the lift would hear her.
She looked down at the gun in her hand and double-checked the safety to make sure it was off. She had the nervous urge to pull back the slide and view the bullet in the chamber again, just to make sure that she hadn’t imagined the first time she’d done it. Her hands felt clammy with nerves, so she carefully wiped one and then the other on her jean clad thighs to dry them, palming the gun in the opposite hand as she dried each one.
Behind them, an agonized scream erupted from the dining cavern. The raw sound of pain sent an icy blade of dread skittering down Jenny’s back. She glanced back toward the cavern. Stone turned too, and in that moment, their adversaries struck.

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