Saturday, July 18, 2015

Perceptive Series by Julie Jaret

18+ only

Extreme Close Up By Julie Jaret
I received this book for an honest review
This book is panty melting holy hotness!!! This deserves more than 5 stars. IT’s hot and panty melting right from the beginning and doesn’t stop at all.
We meet Lisa and she is a divorced single parent now trying to make ends meet.  Her ex is with another woman and now she is in a job that leaves no room for inspiration.
Inspiration shows up one day in the form of a hunky Braden, he sounds super hot! I need  a hot guy to do my yard work. This leads Braden to let Lisa know that he has been in love with her for a decade and he shows it too.
One thing leads to another and they get together which is a big turn on for Lisa. She enjoys every moment she spends with Braden until Lisa’s son comes home. It was a big surprise but understandable too.
With all the wrong going on Braden will always love Lisa and he doesn’t want to let go of what they have. It’s a struggle for both of them and it’s sad but Lisa stops them from seeing each other.
I didn’t like how the book ended and I don’t want to give away then ending but I wish for a happy ending with both Braden and Lisa. I wonder if they will get back together?

Over Exposed Book 2
IN this second book we get to read Natlie’s story and how she has been trying to make her way up the corporate ladder in her father’s company that she works at. She is a strong woman working very hard in a man’s world and I admire her for that! It takes al to make it in a man’s world.
We meet Sam Danmore who is famous and really hunky but total alpha male and a movie star. I like alpha males but expect some fight in a woman to come back at you.
Sam is forced into hiding and Natalie helps him but her attraction keeps growing with the hot alpha male.  Sam is called a man-whore by the media but don’t let that fool you at all, He has a boyish side and when you get to the hotter scenes you will not be disappointed! They are steamy and will make you wet.
I need to fan myself, hold…….
I’m back, Sam is all alpha male in the bedroom and steamy scenes and there are no dissapointments at all.
This story will make you laugh, cry, pant and fan your self. Steamy scenes and a very beautiful strong woman stands up to her dad. It will make you smile at the end and you will enjoy this page turner from beining to end!

I would tell you to one click this book and get the first book Extreme Close Up as well. You will not be disappointed!

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