Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Girl Crush Review

Review for Girl Crush By Kaydee Mavericks and Riley Rhea
The first book in the Redwood Series

I received a copy of this book for an honest review
This book deserves 10 stars!!!!! That is how good this book is.

I LOVED this book!!! It is shorter then I would like but it keeps you turning page for page! I didn’t want to put it down and I did to eat, sleep and work.

I got to meet Kerrigan who grew up in Kentucky and is very very sheltered. Her parents kept her sheltered and really controlled her life but she studied hard and graduates at an early age with a Masters! That is impressive for a character but understandable since you have so much free time you might as well study.

She moves away to Redding where Vaughn Enterprises is and is now an assistant. Great job, great money and a new place where she can explore but there is a pull there, something she cannot describe and I want to know what it is! I was hoping to find out in this book but it doesn’t tell you, so now I will read the next book and find out.
Bryce helps Kerrigan come out of her shell and helps her with a new warbdrobe plus a spa day, I want a spa day! Kerrigan is jealous and envious of Lucia who is super beautiful with blonde hair but she really  likes her like a girl crush, yes I listened to Little Big Town’s song of Girl Crush. I liked it and very fitting for this book too.

There is non stop action and fantastic dreams and the beautiful Red Wood Forest in this book and I highly recommend it to everyone! I loved it and I will be getting the next book.

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