Friday, July 31, 2015

Daniela's Crazy Love by Emily Jane Trent

Release Date July 31, 2015
THE PREQUEL   ~  $0.99  at all retailers!
THE NOVEL  ~  $2.99  SPECIAL  PRICE  for a limited time only!
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Daniela Series Description
A Rinaldi Romance
Daniela Rinaldi is the baby sister with 4 older brothers. Now you can read her thrilling romance in two heart-pounding books – Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Prequel (Cooper & Daniela #1) and Daniela’s Crazy Love: The Novel (Cooper & Daniela #2) - an erotic romantic thriller – a standalone story.

In this steamy romance about second chances, Daniela Rinaldi’s first love broke her heart. The high school baseball star Cooper Burke had his sights on a career in the majors, leaving love behind. The devastating breakup hurt Daniela deeply. But even now, she may be unable to resist his charms. When Cooper shows up unexpectedly, he seems to be hiding something. Daniela suspects that he is frightening her for reasons she doesn’t understand. Could Cooper be terrorizing Daniela, or is she imaging it? And if he isn’t, then who is the man in the shadows?

Daniela Rinaldi’s life gets crazy when Cooper Burke shows up. Her heart won’t let her walk away from him, even though she doesn’t believe in second chances. His appearance sets off a series of frightening events that leave Daniela reeling. She doesn’t want to suspect Cooper, but can’t avoid it. Her steamy love affair with the hunky baseball star becomes intertwined with the acts of a stalker who is harassing her. Daniela fears she is being set up for heartbreak, while danger swirls around her. Her true love and the unrelenting stalker might be the same man. Has Cooper been lying to her? Or is he the only man who can save her?

My review
Daniela's Crazy Love

Review done by Cassandra Brooker

This is a fast paced 5 star read and it will have you on the edge of your seat! It kept me turning so I could find out who is the creepy man that is stalking Daniela and why is Cooper back?!

Cooper left her for a baseball career and didn't think twice about breaking Daniela's  heart!! What a jerk and yes thus stuff happens in real life too.

For a guy to follow his dream, I do encourage people to reach for the stars but don't date someone then break up with them to do that. He just doesn't think at all.

Then he shows up four years later? For what? Redemption?

I hope Daniela will not take him back, find out who is stalking her U.S. Send Cooper back to baseball.

I wonder who is the creep man in the shadows lurking, hmmm.

Read this book, I recommend it.

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