Thursday, July 23, 2015

One Last Sunset review

One Last Sunset (book 1 The Long Ranch Series) By Michel Prince
I received an ARC for an honest review

This is a quick read and I give it 5 stars.

I liked that there were cowboys and rodeos which I have never been too but the family aspect really grabs me.

Sunny gets hurt at a rodeo and heads home to heal. While there, he stays with his mom and drunk dad but also goes to the bar. Saying hello to the owner who knows him and he  just wants to play pool.

He sees a beautiful bottom that belongs to a lady who is getting called ugly names, when the guys try to take her outside in steps Sunshine aka Sunny to help rescue Melody. After realizing who it is they talk and he sees if there is any work on her family ranch.

Well after a drunk father demands money, Sunny starts to make planters for one of the Longs and then fixes up a cabin.

Before all this the chemistry between Melody and Sunny is super charged and they can’t keep there hands off each other, not in the cabin, the truck or anywhere else for that matter. They make a trip to Minnesota to deliver JT his 2 horses and there is where crap hits the fan! It’s great when I read that part in the book, men always protecting the woman in family no matter what.

Well Melody goes right back to work and to figure out why animals are not reproducing and is caught in a bunch of things that lead to people hitting people with tools and trying to kill people for rights to a land and a gas company drilling.

The book ends a lot differently than I expected it too which I was ok with the ending but I think there should have been more, a fight with the father about Sunny dating her plus he never asked for permission and I think that is a key part! I think this may have improved the book a little more.

I liked the book overall and the family aspect of it also made me want more family time. I like when a family stands together no matter what craziness comes about, it just grabs me and pulls me in and give it 5 stars, I recommend this to anyone who loves cowboys.

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