Friday, July 31, 2015

Reluctant Angel by Cassandra Bella Review

Reluctant Angel

Review by Cassandra Brooker

This book was a fun read and it gets 5 stars.

I like how it starts out with a bng and won’t stop. You get mystery and suspense with romance mingled in. Its great and I love it.

Gabi is a young widow and when something bad happens at her place, Chase shows up. A handsome detective from New York. He is there per the request of Gabi’s brother. He is so overprotective but he means well.

Gabi is starting to have feelings towards Chase even though she loved her husband dearly.  Jack who died 5 years ago is sent back as an angel to help her figure out life but not sure what it is that she needs help.

Jack is happy to be close to her but of you can’t touch and he doesn’t like Chase.

Will another bad thing or murder happen again? Who is being evil and why are they doing this to Gabi and her place of employment?

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a book with a  lot of bang in it.You will be happy that you read it and there is no disappointment in it.

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