Monday, May 11, 2015

Reading and Library

Well I went for a walk today but it is to the library. I don"t have internet at home and use my phone a lot to post on here. I needed to update my computer virus and my phone since it is an Apple Iphone 6 plus.

I started 2 new books this past week and I love both of them! I have so many to read after too so I need to do a lot of reading!

I started Killian by Elizabeth Kelly. I bought the book from her store( ) She signed it for me too and it is a great book! I'm not halfway through but will be soon. The other book I started is called Pucked by Helena Hunting. It's on Amazon for $3.99 and is WORTH IT!

I want the paperback version too but for now I will stick with kindle. I have the app on my phone and I have a kindle at home too that I use.

So I have been reading and I love it plus it has been so hot out lately in New Hampshire that I finally had to stick a fan in my room. The old one broke so had another one and using it.

Good news though! I bought a VIP ticket to Wild and Windy in the City for May 9, 2016! I have 3 conventions in 3 months. I wanted to go on Booksplach 2016 but the company you have to go through has not called me back so I think I won't go since I have 3 conventions next year as of right now.

I have Anime Boston which is in March then in April I have a book convention in Georgia and in May I have Wild and Windy in the City. Yes I will be busy buy it's worth it. I never have stayed in Atlanta or been to Chicago so this will be fun and I can mark off where I have been on a map.

If you are wondering what Anime Boston is I will explain.

Before I started doing reviews and reading more, I got into Japanese Animated cartoons and I always go to Anime Boston. I have gone for 5 or 6 years now and its a mini vacation from home but I love going down and dressing up. Think Halloween for 3 days.

After awhile I did start reading more then started doing reviews and I have found my little niche. I do work a lot but I love reading and posting reviews. Some of my reviews have helped shoppers on Amazon and I love promoting indie authors too. 

So I am a busy girl but I love updating and giving you reviews. My reviews are mostly books but every now and then I will post about other things, where I eat and where I travel to and how good the service is. I live in Keene, NH and most of my reviews will be around town but when I travel I will post what is around and what I do.

Okay I have now rambled on long enough and need to research one thing for my grampa then walk back home. Thanks for looking and follow my blog, see what I wrote about and experiance!

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