Saturday, May 9, 2015

Girls Night!

I went out tonight for a girls night out.

I did not get shit faced either but I really needed tonight. I met up with my friend aka Big Sis Liz.

We were matched in 1998 from Big Brithers Big Sisters program and have stayed in touch since then.

It's very rare for her to be in Keene but she is here for a little bit. I don't get to see her often since she lives in Lancaster, NH which is 3 hours away. Beautiful place too.

So we walked downtown and ate at Margaritas and had drinks too. We chatted about everything from guys to work and books and the book conventions I'm going too.

I really needed a night like this. No one else wants me around or wants to spend time with me so when Liz asked, I said yes to going out.

The only thing which was fun by the way was I felt sorry for the guys behind us when we were talking about how we feel when it's that time of the month, lol.

Yes we did this tonight but I had fun and it's rare for me to go out.

Also the service was great, the waitress did a great job and the food was delicious!

Couldn't have asked for a better night!

Now time for bed since its 1215am and I'm still up! I want to read more Killian but I need sleep too.

Good night to everyone and sleep well. 

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