Wednesday, May 20, 2015

50 Shades of Grey

I wasn't sure what to expect when I rented this movie. I had heard many reviews on it and that a lot of people loved the movie. I rented it first in case I didn't like it. I alos recomeend that people rent it if you have not seen it.

There wer funny parts and good parts in this movie but overll it lacked alot!!! I didn't like the actors who played Ana and Christian. They lacked a lot of chemistry when making this film and Iknow that they had to reshoot scenes.

I do like Kate and when she said "You have to admit he is ridiculousy hot", made me laugh and that was when she was looking at a picture of Grey to use for the school paper.

The drunk dialig at the bar was funny too which I can see happeneing since Gey can't get out of Anas head now.

The one thing tht destroys this movie is when Grey says "Laters Babyyy", it sounds so awful when he says it! There is no tone to, its a tone deaf voice saying it and it is just awful!!!!!

Taylor (the driver) I do like and he plays is part well.

When Ana starts messaging him from the cmputer he gets her, I like the pop ups that tell us what they are saying. This way people who have not read the book will know what they are saying.

Ana just signs a non disclosure agreement without reading it! Always read what you are going to sign!!!!!!
that just irks me to no end.

Also a list of foods in the D/S contract, tht does not sit well with me! Why would I eat from alist of foods that is given to me? I would eat heathy but I wouldn't give up fooddds that I like or any comfort foods. That just will not sit well with me ever. Unless a docotor tells me I need to cut back on something then I will eat what I want.

You are probably think that I just didn't like the whole thing but if you take out the sex part you could have a romance/comedy movie.

I have read all 3 books of this series and this is the worst adaptaion from book to big screen! They left out so much and it went to fast. They didn't butcher Harry Potter but wwwwith this film, 5 Shades of Grey was HORRIABLE!!!!!!!

I would only give it 1 star, this movie lacked in a lot areas and acting is one of them!
The actors were horriable, there was no chemistry between Ana and Christian, left out a lot, and the ending sucked and never happened in the book!!!!

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