Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday!!!!

So I am not out of my rut completely but I am doing better which is very good. Going to do a detox starting tomorrow and maybe I will feel better.

I am reading and have read some short books and they are great reads! I have read the Lupo Legacy serie by Elizabeth Kelly and I loved them!!! Season 2 books will hopefully be out in November of this year. The first season of the series is available on Amazon.

I am reading a series by Wren Michaels called "The Snow Rose Series". So far there are 2 books and the first one is about Red Rose and the second book is about Snow White. This is a whole new take on Rose Red and Snow White but it's very good and I like different takes on fairy tales.

So I have been a reading machine and will continue to do so. I have many books on my kindle and kindle app so I need to read a lot more.

I do leave reviews for the authors on here, Amazon and Goodreads for them. I love to do reviews and I am happy to promote them and their work.

So I need to get back to work in the real world but I will be updating more since I am working 2 jobs now and    I need to have money for the bills. I will update this weekend with cover reveals and books that are out. I sign up to do cover reveals and I have one this weekend.

also I will be updating my other blog which is a personal one. Its called "My Life's Writing". Don' remeber when Ilast posted in there.

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