Monday, May 18, 2015

Jezebel By K. Larsen

I will post a pic of the book and a teaser a little later.

I finished Jezebel by K. Larsen and I give that book 10 stars!!!!! Most sites I put reviews on only let me do 5 stars but this book is worthy of 10 stars.

It starts out kinda slow but its the back story you are getting. It does pick up and I could not put the book down even though I had to for work and sleep.

A    great love story with tragic happenings, betrayal and new love. There are many twists in this story and some I did not even see coming!!! I was like; Holy Fucking God!! Its that good of a book and I was speechless at the ending too.

I don't't want to give any spoilers in this post but you should read this book! It's so good and it has everything rolled into one! I find it rare you can find love,suspense,mystery,adventure and new love in a book.

K. Larsen did a fantastic job writing this book and I told her I loved it! It is worthy to read and as soon as it goes live on Amazon, I'm putting up my review on there too. I have a review on Goodreads already and my review page on facebook.

I have a few more reviews to do since I am done reading a couple of other books. Those will go up later today and I will do one tomorrow or do both tonight. Never know so I will be updating a lot.

More to come

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