Saturday, October 24, 2015

Snippet of Tempting Desire by Stella Eroomonsere-Ajanaku

   Snippet – Tempting Desire

Roman pulled Onome into his arms. No words were spoken or needed. Their bodies fused. He caressed her neck, and trailed his tongue down her exposed cleavage. Liquid fire speared her chest. She moaned as current trickled down her stomach.

Oh, she wanted so much more.

Roman pushed one thigh between hers. She grasped his shoulders and their eyes collided. Her body shuddered in his arms as fireworks hissed in her chest. With heavy lidded eyes, she begged, ‘Roman darling, please not here, please.’

He withdrew his fingers.

‘This is a first for me, Onome. Usually, I take what I want. If I want a woman, and she wants me, we end up between the sheets.’ His fingers grazed the sensitive flesh beneath her breasts.

She touched one finger to his lips. ‘I’m different. I choose the men I fall into bed with, Roman.’

‘I don’t have the time for a relationship. Too time consuming, Onome. The last thing I need is a demanding woman tearing my busy schedule into shreds.’ His voice was like a caress.

Holding his sapphire blue gaze for a long moment, she quipped. ‘We’re two of the same kind, Roman. My schedule is so choked at the moment. I can’t find room large enough to fit you in. Besides, I’ve no time for serious commitment.’

His eyes dimmed and his lips curled at one end.

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