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Inside Scoop on Tempting Desire by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

1.    Inside Scoop – Tempting Desire by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

How did Tempting Desire story come about?
I came up with Roman and Onome’s story as I travelled in London’s congested trains. Weird thoughts crossed my mind as I watched passengers stare at each other, avoid each other gazes behind newspapers or smart phones or tried to push someone to get comfort.
So, I wondered what would happen if a tall, gorgeous man with great business acumen got sidetracked by a beautiful, smart, successful and sexy woman who could match him intellectually and could call his bluff. Slowly, their story grew in my heart and I wrote it.
How did you come up with the names of the characters?
Well, for one, I decided the heroine would have a slightly similar heritage to mine. Onome is a British born Nigerian woman who lives in London, UK. Her tribe, Urhobo is next door to my mother’s tribe – Itsekiri. Where I grew up, we had a neighbour whose first daughter’s name was Onome.
Roman’s names were chosen by my twelve year old son. He thought Roman Gordon sounded very manly and I thought it sounded sexy. And it fitted the character’s personality.
Is there any part of you reflected in Tempting Desire?

Most of my books have a part of me represented in the female characters. In Tempting Desire, Onome is a stubborn, feisty and success-driven woman. Some part of her personality almost mirrors a part of me.

And yes, I experienced the discomfort and squashing that happens so often in London’s overcrowded trains at peak times. The way we are squeezed against each other like sardines in a tin is laughable, I had to write about it.

Who is your most liked character in Tempting Desire?

In many of my books, the hero captures my heart. But in Tempting Desire, I love the heroine, Onome Keyamu a lot. Not only because she has similar personality traits to mine, but I can relate to her personal struggles. She was as confused as so many women often are as she tried to work out whether to give the elusive and sexy Roman Gordon a chance.

With the emotional battles she faced, I rooted for her and I hoped for her to fully understand that life does not always go the way we expect.

What do you hope your readers will take out of reading Tempting Desire?

I hope readers will appreciate that life is a journey that throws us curved balls. Just like Onome and Roman, they have to swim with the waves and pray to come out as champions.

Also, the person you may eventually settle down with may not always fit into the standard you drew up in your heart or head, but you can still find eternal bliss with them because nobody is perfect.
What has been the most surprising thing that has happened to you while pursuing your writing career?
The best surprise of all are the amazing responses I have received from Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels Readers from around the world. I'm an indie author, seemingly unknown, but when I get comments asking when my next story is due out, I feel so fulfilled.
Finally, share one quote from Tempting Desire with our readers.
‘And, I don’t think I’ve told you how delectable you look tonight, Ono. You excite me no matter what you wear. If you wore a bin bag, it would look like a designer suit on you. I love this sports outfit on you. Very sexy. Barely covers your breasts. Tempts me and I want to be tempted.’ ~ Roman Gordon.
Where can readers buy your book?

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