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Interview with Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

  1. Author Interview

Stella, tell us a bit about your family, background and your location

I’m Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, second in a long line of six children. I have two sisters and three brothers. I’m a Nigerian born British author. Originally, I come from the ancient city of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. But I live in London, UK with my gorgeous real life hero of a husband and our two teenage children. We have been married for almost 16 glorious years.

Sounds interesting. Tell us about the genre you write and how many books you have published. And are you working on any story at the moment?

I write Flirty & Feisty Contemporary & Historical Romance Novels that are a wide range of toe-curling, skin-tingling entertaining romance with unexpected twists, witty dialogue and compelling characters who have heart and soul. The stories are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America. There are 11 published romance novels so far.
At the moment, I’m working on an exciting romance story due out just before Christmas. It is a story about a happy family whose lives are going to flip upside down because of an old friend. Hopefully, the spirit of Christmas will set things right for them, fingers crossed.

Wish you the best with the story. Time to get personal. How did you meet your husband? Is there anything special about your meeting? And how long after knowing him did he propose?

Thank you. I met my husband on New Year’s Eve in 1998 in our Cathedral. He sang a heart-fluttering, soul lifting worship song. When the service ended, I saw him walking down the road and I offered him a ride along with other girls from the Church.

What was special about him? He looked so young but very down-to-earth and totally open.

How long did I know him before he proposed? Less than five hours!!! Yes! I’m not kidding. He had seen me in Church apparently, and had been praying for me to be his wife. So when I offered him a ride, he did not pass up his chance. After breakfast, he returned for dinner. We had a few hours chat about everything under the sun. Then, he asked me to marry him.

Wow! Your life sounds straight from a romance novel. Stella, we know you have a new release - Tempting Desire. Did anyone inspire the main character, Roman Gordon?

Yes I do. Tempting Desire ~ A Toe-curling Romance was released on Sept 24th. No one in particular inspired Roman’s character. He emerged as I wrote Tempting Desire and as he interacted with the heroine, Onome. He found her more than a handful from the word go. As such, he acted out of character on a number of occasions. I got inspired to write the story as I travelled in London’s overcrowded train. I just imagined a very strong hero with a no-nonsense attitude and sharp humour would be the only one to tackle the stubborn, intelligent and sassy heroine.

Fabulous. We also know the hero, Roman is a Fitness Instructor, so how often do you work out?

Not so often. But if you count walking up and down my home stairs and a weekly walk to Church, it amounts to quite often. I’m in no way fit for Roman’s aerobics classes. Lol!

To you, what is the best part of a romance novel?

The best part for me is watching the conflict and romance develop side-by-side between the main characters. Every drop of the tension counts. Then, I enjoy travelling with the characters on their personal journey to see how they overcome the obstacles and recognize their love for each other. Priceless!

Time to show off a little, share one of the best reviews left by a reader for any of your books. You can include the web link too.

This 5 star review for Tempting Desire ~ blew me away. Read on;

“Incredible read. I was hooked from page one. Stella has well developed characters and an amazing storyline. It was everything that a romance novel is supposed to be. I fell in love with Ono and Roman's story. If your other books are anything like this one, you can bet that you have earned yourself a fan. Job well done”.

Before you go, do you have tips for new writers?

My advice to any writer includes;

1. Carry on writing the stories that drop into your heart.
2. Don't seek to be like anyone else. Every writer has a unique voice.
3. Read and read whatever excites you.
4. Edit, edit and edit. It is painful, tedious and demanding. But there is such a great reward when you have churned out a clean piece of writing. To get an inexpensive editor, swap stories with an author you admire their writing. It is a great way to learn how to write better.
5. Expect criticism. It helps you grow. No work is perfect.
6. It is not possible to please everyone. So pick your niche audience.  
7. Promote your work. Interacting with readers and authors on social media – Facebook, Twitter.

Above all, keep writing. The more you write, the sharper and crisper your stories become. Remember: No story is bad, it depends on how it is written.
Stella, where can readers buy Tempting Desire?

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