Sunday, October 11, 2015

Set in Sparks by Sam Destiny

Set In Sparks is Book 2 in My Morningstar Series and due Oct. 16th.

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One Queen - one impossible fate 

Maya, Queen of the Morningstar, knew that she wanted to change the race, but while everything around her seemed to settle down, her world was thrown into chaos when she took the blood of her mate's twin. Now she's trying hard to find out what her heart wants while being the Queen her people deserve. One thing she is sure she won't have to worry about is Cany. Problem is, still waters run deep. 

One girl - a storm of emotions 

Cany is the first girl in the Queen's court - and probably the person with the biggest secret. She is used to keeping her emotions in check, but then suddenly Ryder, the queen's brother, makes it his mission to draw her out of her shell. A whirlwind of feelings take hold of her as secrets unravel and destinies get revealed. But if Cany loses her calm, there's a chance people lose their lives. 

Due to strong language and adult situations this book is intended for mature audiences only.

Book one is on a 99c sale:


This book is intended for a mature audience. Recommended Age: 18+ due to sexual content, language, and violence 

FATE never makes mistakes. The only difference is being ready for it, or simply believing you have a choice.

Maya James has enough of being on the run, and her body is paying the price. Plain and simple she’s tired – very tired. The people she thought were her parents … let’s just say nothing is as it seems. When she literally runs into a mysterious stranger, her world begins to glow. She knows in her heart he’s the one to help her – possibly save her. Retreating to his house hidden in the forest she forms a plan – get in, get some much-needed rest, and then get out. She never intends to feel anything. But after spending weeks by herself, she now resents that her savior … her caretaker makes her feel something other than hate. How do you make choices, choices that not only affect you, but an entire race of people? Fate steps in … and gives you some much-needed direction.

Morningstar warrior Jaden loves casual women – especially long-legged, blondes. He doesn’t need to know their names and never needs a repeat performance. When his midnight stranger offers him a roll between the sheets without any commitment, he’s intrigued by what she makes him feel. He doesn’t expect her to stay or suddenly become his responsibility, but now that he actually “feels” something – what’s a vampire to do? Better let fate run its course.

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