Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Originals Part 2

Ok I'm home from work now!

So on this episode we learn a lot!!!!

Esther made a sacrifice to have children she has to give up her first born when her sister comes to claim.

Why would Esther do this? I understand that she wanted kids and had been trying for a year but why sacrifice your first born?

She does this willingly and her sister tells her of the sacrifice but Esther doesn't care at all!!!

Then she tells her family Fryia was lost to the plague which isn't true.

Now we may have The sister coming back to kill everyone because baby Hope is alive.

Part of the curse was also put on the children and if they had kids, they must sacrifice their first born child.

Klaus does not know about any of this but I do know Finn knows everything!

Guess we will wait til Monday to find out what happens!!

I love this show!!!

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