Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Originals and other things

I have not watched the recent episode of The Originals yet but I will tonight. This way I can do a review tonight or early tomorrow morning for all of you.

Not much else to report on, I have been working a lot and have little time for much else. I am cutting back on all the hours so I can rest more and read more plus do more reviews.

I did some reading las tnight but since I have been having eye problems, I made a doctors appointment to get my eyes looked at and hopefully can get the problem taken care of.

I did some shopping on Amazon for a few things. I like shopping on there and I can get some good deals. I bought a battery for my car starter (remote control keychain) and it came yesterday in the mail. The battery I needed was  L1028 and I thought I would need a watch battery but no this is a little battery.

I don;t get much time to go to a auto store and look for one so I shopped on Amazon for it and got a 5 pack of them. :)

I also bought "The Looking Glass Wars". A coworker told me about this book and its all the books in one. Its a different version on Alice in Wonderland and I bought hard cover which was $13 plus shipping and I will get it next Monday.

I'm excited for this book and look forward to reading it, I have been on an Alice in Wonderland kick for awhile now and I love reading different versions of it that authors have written.

So when I get the book, I will post about it and let you guys know what its all about.

I work at a college campus cafeteria and we go on Thanksgiving break next week which I need a break but want to do a lot of reading besides working my nursing jobs. This will be a good time for me to read the many books on my kindle.

So that is my news for now,  I will post more later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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