Friday, November 21, 2014

Benefits and eye medication

I normally do reviews but I wanted to talk about my eye doctor visit, the printout I got and my enrollment in benefits from work today.

I have a eye infection and it's in one eye. The white part has been red for over a week so I went to the eye doctors.

Of course there is an infection and I need eye drops. I got a call from target pharmacy and the eye drops were going to cost me $185! So I asked if they could try and get a cheaper one from the eye doctor.

I got a call back today and got eye drops for $100 cheaper! I like that better than $185.

Target pharmacy looks out for their people and try to get a cheaper medicine if they can and I love that they do that!!

Now for my benefits from work part.

I got a benefits package in the mail to enroll and I'm excited because I don't have benefits right now.

So I went online but can't remember my password so I called since today was the last day to enroll.

I though I would get someone who spoke English but with a thick accent and I didn't. 

This was easier to enroll and it didn't take long either. I have medical, dental and eye vision starting in January!

So today has been good and I can get back on track to doing reviews and more reading :)

So that is my news for today and I will start reviewing more!!

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