Friday, September 2, 2011

New stuff

Well since the hurricane didn't hit and I have been working all week has left me very exhausted! I did write some but it's not a lot so the next time I post I hope to have more for everyone.

Here is what I have:

“This woman was speaking to me and she said my twin! I don’t have a twin but is everything around me not true Matt?” Klohe asked desperately.

“I’m not sure  Klo and these visions that you keep having are becoming more frequent and I am starting to get scared for you.” Matt said.

“They are not that frequent Matt and besides you can walk me home since school is out. My grades are good and the visions are not often, just today,” said Klohe.

“I know but still, you mentioned Harper and she does look like you a lot and then you are hearing people call out to you and this all happens your city! yelled someone in the distance that was fading fast.

Your twin is.............

The person saying all of this finally dissapeared and Klohe came back to reality with Matt staring right at her.

“Klohe?” asked Matt

“What? Where did she go?” asked Klohe

“Where did who go Klo?” asked Matt who was looking at Klohe when a teacher tells you about a lost city. “

“This is starting to get to plus your lack of sleep doesn’t help either” Matt said.

Klohe thought about what Matt said while they were walking home from school and he was right about Harper looking like Klohe a lot even though they were not related to eachother.

“You are right about Harper Matt and I’m not related to her at all” said Klohe.

Matt was thinking while Klohe talked and she didn’t have a clue that Harper was Klohes twin and he was not sure why Harper would come here either, 

Matt needed to investigate after walking Klohe to her house.

This is what I have and not sure where it will go from here but I will get that figured out tonight.


  1. Hi there:

    nice idea for a story. here are a couple quick corrections 1) disappeared (sp.); 2) ".today when a teacher tells you about a lost city." (fragmented).

    i know matt was klo's childhood friend. all of klo's friends hate him. i just wish i knew more about matt's background to understand why klo and matt are such close friends :O

    now, i like the idea that matt is going to investigate. but why is matt going to investigate? what's his motivation? does he like klo more than being just friends ;D?

    thanks for writing a "happy" blog ... and the story is nice as well.

  2. Thank you Kyle for commenting. Also thank you for telling me I didn't spell correctly and I did forget to check with spell check.

    In my next post we will find out more about Matt's past and why he is investigating.

    Thanks again.

  3. i knew it! harper is klohe's evil sistr :) & matt is klohe's lost brother, right? matt knows how 2 get 2 silverstar b/c he gave the legend book 2 klohe. is the map hiden in there? I like 2 guess what will happen next & i like surprises & i like this story. by lily