Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow!!! Lots of It

Well in my last post I had said we were getting snow, we are. I'm not sure if it stopped but we got a lot too! I slept from 5am til about 6pm! I really wanted to help my grandfather shovel because when he does it, he can't move after because of back problems.

So it is night time and dark out but that's ok, I will take some night pics and post them soon. I'm just glad that I bought a shovel and have it in the van which I have to shovel out. I also have to work tonight but it's alright because after I get out of work at 7am I am going to walmart and printing pictures out!

The pics will be from my friends party and of the snow and I will take some pics in the morning too. This way you can see how much snow I got at home and around town. I will post again when I have the pics.

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