Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Birthday Party

I went to my friends birthday party tonight and it was a 1920's theme. I had my outfit and got ready to go over. I am only a 2 minute walk from my house to my friends house and I wore jeans over because it was really cold out.

I changes when I got there and my boyfriend was not feeling good but he did come and stay for awhile then went home to rest. I hope he feels better too. Had a lot of fun at the party and took lots of pictures with my boyfriends camera and my friend also took a lot of pictures too.

I think there are over 200 pics cause my friend kept taking pics at random times but we had a great time too. It was a small party which was nice and the food was great and the people there. I stayed til about 2am then came home.

On my way home it finally started snowing! We are getting a big snow storm that is supposed last all day and I think we are getting about 2 feet. It was snowing on my way home and I walked and the roads were not bad. I will most likely stay home tomorrow depending on the roads.

I don't normally travel when we get snow storms unless it is for work. I hope the roads will be ok by tomorrow night because I have to drive to work.

Anyways will post the birthday party pics and I will take a pic of all the snow that we are getting.

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