Friday, January 7, 2011

A Better Night

So last night since it is 4:35am where I live, I went out with Aryana, Niles, and my boyfriend Josh. (I will have to put up pics of them. We went out to the bar and I didn't drink because I was on a empty stomache and it's not good to drink on an empty stomache.

So I met up with everyone on high st and we walked to the bar. We did meet up with another friend and it is sooo cold out! Anyways I was really quiet at the begining and then talked more after about midnight. I did tell Aryana,Niles and my boyfriend about the anxiety and int he last 24 hours I have had thoughts about cutting myself. I have not done anything and can't afford therapy but I have friends and a great boyfriend to talk too.

I won't be hurting myself and I have a great friend who will stop me if I do. This blog was supposed to be about adventure but here I am talking about whats wrong with me. It's just hard sometimes and you really have to put yourself out there.

Thank you to Stephanie since you commented and I wanted you to know it. :)

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