Monday, May 22, 2017

Gambling For The Virgin by Dark Angel (Alexis Angel)

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Release Date: May 16, 2017
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Her body’s for sale. But I want her soul…
She wants to sell her body to me for cash. Says I’m the only one with enough power and money to help her. And how can I resist saying yes? With my wealth, I can buy any fucking thing I want.
And God, the things I want to do that body...
I can’t tell you out here how I’m going to squeeze that heart-shaped ass and run my cock between her cheeks as we look out the window at the city I own.
Or how I’m gonna shoot her into orbit five or six times as a warm up before I fuck her so good that she can’t walk the next day.
But I will tell you this…
She’ll be coming back for more.
Because she wants it. She says she doesn’t. But I know she does.
When she’s around me, she can’t control herself.
Put her on a chair next to me, and I can smell her because she’s puddling up.
It drives me fucking wild.
But I want…more.
It’s not enough to just have own her body.
No, I want something more. Something that she can’t sell. Something that she has to give.
I want her heart.
All of her. Everything. Every damn word, deed, and thought.
Till death do us part…

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