Monday, March 7, 2016

Deep in You Coming Soon

✨✨Coming Soon!! ✨✨

✨✨"Deep In You" An Erotic Romance by David S. Scott✨✨

My name is Alexander Phoenix. You’ve probably heard of me, most people have. I’ve won numerous awards and medals all over the world, including the last two Olympics Games. Outside gymnastics, I’m untamable. Many have tried, none have succeeded. They’ve called me a playboy, a philanderer …

 Until a chance meeting with HER in a bar that almost proved to be a disaster for both of us. She’s hot, fascinating and, despite the fact that she poses a risk to me because she’s a tabloid reporter, I can’t help but feel drawn to her. 

What are her secrets? Who wants to hurt her? 

I’ve never shied away from challenges. Why should I start now?

©David S Scott 2016

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