Sunday, March 20, 2016

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Young, beautiful ISIS is living the glamorous life as the only child of Tony Ice Parham, a powerful, rich and ruthless drug lord, when she finds out her anointed title is a gift and a curse. 

The perfect glitter begins to dull when Tony decides Isis will be his protΓ©gΓ© in the drug trade. There is just one problem: Isis wants nothing to do with the life. Even through her young, innocent eyes, Isis can see the drug game spares no one. But she knows better than to refuse her father. 

Forced into a lifestyle she absolutely abhors, will Isis grow to love the game and all of its extravagancies? Or will she be able to break away from her father's strong hold before the Fed's or Tony's enemies get a hold of her and take her life? 

Before it's all said and done, before Isis even has a chance to experience love, A DOPEMAN'S DAUGHTER may be an epitaph on her tombstone.

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