Thursday, February 4, 2016

Madam Cocaina by Fatima Munroe

Secrets and lies are exposed in the second installment of Madam Cocaina. 

Ju-Ju discovers the extent of Montrell’s betrayal, and she’s at a crossroads. Should she walk away, or does she give him a second chance? Lourdes, Ju-Ju’s aunt from Buenos Aires, steps in and helps her settle into her new life as the Queen of Columbia through guidance and advice. 

Although the assistance is well received, Eva, Ju-Ju’s cousin, can’t help but to wonder whether or not Lourdes is genuine. Does Lourdes truly have Josefina’s best interests at heart, or does she have an ulterior motive?  

Alejandro has his hands full with Sabrina and his long lost daughters, and he’s loving every minute of it. Are his feelings reciprocated, or maybe Sabrina has an ulterior motive? Montrell has gone rogue since Ju-Ju expressed to him how she feels regarding his deceiving ways. Once Ju-Ju’s Columbian army catches up with him, he finds himself in a situation where she holds the only key to his survival. 

The death of Josefina’s family member sends her on a mission to eliminate the one person who was bold enough to cross her, which sets off a chain of events leading up to her arrest and incarceration in North Carolina. But does the North Carolina prison system have enough to hold Madame Cocaina – La Reina de Colombia? Find out if Ju-Ju’s story ends in prison or otherwise in Madam Cocaina – A Queen Pin’s Story. 


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