Monday, February 15, 2016

Blood of a Boss by Blockboy Askari

Straight Out of the LDP Camp
Blood Of A Boss 1- 2 & 3
By: Blockboy Askari
After the ambush at EASY’s funeral, SONNY realizes that nothing appears to be what it seems. His closest allies turn out to be his worst enemies and with the deck stacked against him, he has two options: Avenge the murder of the man who raised him. Or take sides with the man who killed him.
GRIP is the ultimate puppet master and after two years of trying to make Sonny the boss of The Moreno Family, he finally has the younger Moreno exactly where he wants him. But when his empire is threatened with a sin from the past, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to rectify the wrong, even if he has to shed THE BLOOD OF A BOSS, his own grandson.

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