Friday, December 11, 2015

Six by Hilary Storm

It's MC
It's $.99
What more can you ask for?

Synopsis for Six:

Blade Montgomery takes shit from no one. He's a leader. He's a
fighter. He's the President of an MC. His nature to take care of
others proceeds his will to do anything for himself. He's a protector.
He's a no nonsense kind of guy with the sexual appetite of a beast.

Tori Douglas is an independent woman who doesn't need a man. She
finally has her life on track to move forward and the last thing she
needs is a bad guy to mess it up. She's sassy. She's sexy. She's
strong and she'll have the men begging to have a chance with her, but
none of them will.

He's determined. He's stubborn and she's just as bad. What happens
when these two meet? Will he tolerate her feistiness? Or will he have
her out on her ass to prove a point? She's his sister's best friend
and he refuses to mix family with the club life, but they have a
connection much deeper than either of them can fight. Life is crazy
and life is short, so how will these two make it through the
challenges that explode around them?

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