Saturday, December 19, 2015

Screaming in the New Year by Jody Pardo

Title: Screaming In The New Year

Series: Romance For All Seasons

Author: Jody Pardo


Cover Model: Jami Watts aka Jurnee Lane


Photographer: Lance Jones, LJ Photography



Cover Design: Katheryn KidenDouble K Designs


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Maggie Silipo thought she had it all. She lived in a charmed life in the Big Apple, enjoying a large apartment even by New York standards. She had a desirable lifestyle where she got to travel, and got to see the world. Maggie built a successful career for herself, and even had a great guy. Too bad he wasn’t really hers. Maggie was used to being alone for the holidays. While the rest of the world was celebrating with loved ones, Maggie monitored the internetservers, ensuring the security of her company’s vital information. 


Blake Matthews owned and operated his IT Firm Leverage Logistics with offices in four corners of the US. Maggie was his right hand woman and his personal assistant. Fantasizing about her boss and wishing for more, Maggie watched from a distance as he charmed the ladies of Charlotte and New York City’s high society. But when an accident occurs, Blake realizes just how much he needs Maggie. Now not only is she his right hand, but now she’s his legs, too. As Maggie carries Blake and Leverage Logistics, the dynamic between boss and assistant evolves and everyone is keeping score.



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