Monday, June 22, 2015

Work and Movies

So I am working, well doing LNA mods for work and taking a small break at the moment.

i'm watching The Draft and I watched another movie last night called Dissconnect which was sad but very interesting to watch. It centers around the internet and social media. Social media really plays a big part in life today and can make someone really unhappy when they are bullied online or people post negative comments.

Years ago, about 15 years social media was not well known like it is today. There was no facebook and no twitter. My classmates went on into chatrooms to chat with people or look up stuff for a class.

Today there is more access to apps and online bullying plus people do stupid things or play a joke on someone then it leads to suicide where a child or teenager can'y cope with it anymore. It's sad to see this today and yes I use my phone apps a lot but not for negative things. I like to stay positive for people who read my review blog and I like what I do.

So I urge people who read this to think twice about what you post on Facebook, twitter and instagram because this will live on and can't be taken back even if you delete it.

More reviews coming later today.

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