Monday, June 15, 2015

King By T.M. Fraizer Review

King by TM Fraizer

Heart stopping crazy love and madness rolled into one!

This book kept me on edge and wanting more. King who is fresh out of prison falls for a mysterious girl who shows up to party.
King is panty melting HOT with tattoos! I love tattoos. I'm drooling now:)

He tries to work with new emotions but things from his past keep clouding his judgement and making stupid calls.

Doe doesn't remember who she is but falls for King and Preppy. A dysfunctional family but strong and willing to do anything for her.

Bad guys come and try to harm people but that is not as bad as someone else!!!

I won't give any more out but you need to read this and I highly recommend it to anyone!
The language in it is not bad but it slightly bothered me and I got beyond it because I enjoyed this book.

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