Monday, December 1, 2014

Facebook blackout

I'm participating in facebook blackout. It's where bloggers, authors, photographers are not posting on Facebook for 24 hours.

Most photos have been banned even though there is no crotch showings.

For example 

This was taken by Michael Stoke Photography and Facebook makes him censor it but it's ok that Kim Kardashian can post a pic of herself nude and have her ass on Facebook is ok?!?

But it's okay that women are mostly nude on Facebook and that's ok?

I don't agree and Michael Stokes takes wonderful photos and nothing is showing but Facebook makes him censor his photos!

It's rediciolous that Kim Kardashian can have a picture of her ass on Facebook and he can't post a pic of a man who has no crotch showing!?!?

So I'm on here for 24 hours and will post stuff.

I will keep posting on here and Facebook but here for the next few days


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