Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas shopping and Cake!

I did last minute Christmas shopping and I'm done!

Also I'm posting what I bought for my niece and a cake I bought.

This is the MP3 player my niece wanted and it wasn't expensive so I got it for her. She also wanted an iPhone 6 pus after she saw mine and.....

No way! I'm not buying her a phone at 11 years old! I had to wait til I was 18 years old to have one.

Anyways now for the cake I bought. It's really sugary frosting but soooo good!

I did drop it and it's slightly moved but it's still good.

Okay I'm cooking some meals for the next few days for work. 

I'm also going to take a nap at some point today plus read. I'm trying to stay positive all day and not be negative. 

So I'm cooking and got to talk with a few friends yesterday which one of the talks was needed. I'm glad I have a friend who doesn't sugar coat anything when I talk to him.

Will try to post more later, have a great day!

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