Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My writing

This is what I have so far, it's not much but I did do writing and will continue to write this week. Not sure when I will get to post but I hope by next week I will post by Friday.

Oh look it’s your night in shining armor Klohe! I will kill you before you can save her! Hahahaha

As Harper lunged forward with just a pen in her hand at Matt, Matt moved in front of Klohe to protect her. This pen was not an oridinary pen, when Harper plans to kill people the pen magically turns into a sword with 3 blades.

Matt waited to move til the last minute to move out of the way and grab Klohe as he moved. They rolled over to the basement door and rolled down the stairs.

Owwwww! Matt that really hurt and why are we in the basement? Asked Klohe

I know of a way out that Harper doesn’t know about and we need to get out now! Get up and lets go!!!

Matt let go! I am not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on and why Harper just attacked with a pen sword!!! I want answers and I want them now! Demanded Klohe

I will give you answers but right now we need to keep moving! Harper won’t be stay still till she kills  you and we need to move!

Matt found the hidden door in the basement floor even though all the floor looked like a basement floor in any house but this passageway was special. It had enchantments on to protect Klohe.
Matt lifted the door and grabbed Klohe’s wrist to get her to come along. Klohe resisted and then Matt wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up and dropped her into the passageway.

Klohe I’m sorry I had to do that but it is nesscary and we need to keep moving. Matt moved the door back into place after he jumped in and covered the rest of the doorway. We need to move and keep moving Klohe! I will give you all the answers when we are far away from Harper.

“This tunnel is protected and we can get to the safe place that you need to be at.”
“And where is that Matt?! You push me down the basement stairs and then you drop me into this tunnel? I’m not going unless you give me answers and apologize for pushing me down the stairs!”

Fine Klohe, I’m sorry for pushing you down the stairs and Harper wants you dead so she can be queen of a city and she also wants your parents in the dungeons till they die.

What? Asked Klohe who was in shock from hearing her parents being in dungeons til they die.

We need to get going and now! Matt grabbed her wrist and started running through the tunnel.

Like I said, it's not much but it's something and I would love feedback of course! If you decide not to leave feedback that is okay too. Thanks for looking and reading my story.

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