Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little view of what I have written!

Here is some of what I have written and will hopefully post all of it this weekend and if I don't then by Monday night I will post all of it. "oh look it's your night in shining armor Klohe! How pathetic he looks too but I will kill him before he can save you, hahaha!"Laughed Harper. Harper lunged forward with a pen in hand and Matt moved in front of Klohe to protect her. "it's just a pen Matt!" yelled Klohe and she couldn't understand why Matt moved in front of her but then she found out why. Harpers pen opened up into a 3 bladed sword and wanted Klohe dead even though Matt was in front of her. Both Matt and Klohe leaned backwards so the blades would not pierce them. While leaning back Matt noticed the door to the basement door. Matt hit Harper right in the nose and knocked her off her feet. Klohe we need to go and now! Matt grabbed Klohe and went for the basement door. Klohe pulled back and said " no I won't go!" Matt opened the basement door and pushed Klohe down the stairs. This is some of it, hope you like it.

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