Friday, June 3, 2011

So I think I will try writing if it goes well. I looked at Amanda Hocking's blog and she gave good advice on outlines and character outline. So I will be attempting that and will start reading "My Blood Approves" series.

Not much is new, the storm went away that we got on Wednesday and now we have cooler weather but my feet are freezing. My friend who shall be named "Isabella" is ok but she talks during movies and make comments as well but..... it tends to bother me and I can't enjoy a movie.

I know we all talk during a movie or make comments but when I really and i mean REALLY want to enjoy a movie, I can't with her around so I will have to watch my stuff at home. I know I said I would try to keep drama out of this blog but I had to get that out.

So other than that, not much else going and going out for drinks later tonight. Will update tomorrow.

This book is really good and I couldn't put it down!


  1. Hi Bella: In what genre do you think you'll be writing in ?

    I'm with you on the distraction caused by movie-talkers, like your friend 'Isabella'...just messes up the whole movie experience. I still haven't figured out why some people can't simply be courteous.

    Anyway, good luck with your writing

  2. Hi J.L.
    Thanks for the comment.I am not sure but I do like paranormal stuff and might try writing with one involving a legend

  3. Cool...I'll check back every so often and see how things are going.

    BTY, you may find this article/video of interest...

    Good luck with your writing.