Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first page!

So I finally wrote my first page! So here it is but need to remind you that the symbols I added on paper are subject to change so I won't describe them.

First page:

She sat in her room in the late hours of the night, unable to sleep. There was too much on her mind for her to fall asleep and right now she couldn't access the internet because of the rain storm.

Klohe has blue eyes and long brown hair that goes down to her waist and right now she was putting her hair in a pony tail and it was 4:07 am.

Damn legend!!! All it says is "too win the right side of the sword is for good to throw good and evil."

What are these symbols?

Klohe had scanned the legend onto her laptop from a book she had borrowed from a friend. She could not make sense of the symbols or what the legend meant and now that it was 4:20am, it was time for bed.

This is all I have for now but any input would be great and it is a rough draft of one page. I will be working on it more after I get some sleep but will post as I write more.


  1. Seems like a nice start...makes the reader wonder why Klohe scanned the legend onto her laptop and why she is trying to decipher the symbols in the early morning hours, questions which will keep the reader interested ...

    Will check back for more...

  2. Thank you. That is great feedback ad will hopefully write more and post it by the weekend.