Sunday, April 21, 2019

Travel Lodge Suites by Wyndham in Macclenny, Florida

Ok I am traveling with family and we are in Florida. We stopped late last night and decided that Travel Lodge Suites was a good stop.

All of us showered and got ready for bed and slept. Here is my review from this morning.

The beds are uncomfortable and vary hard, the pillows are flat and they just put extra mattresses and boxes outside for storage. My comforter had a cigarette burn in it which is not very impressive.

My grandfather said he looked up at the ceiling and thought there was a carbon monoxide detector up there but he looked again and it was a hole where the smoke detector should be!!!

What would happen if the hotel caught fire? 

Would you like to know where the smoke detector was?

In a drawer with no batteries in it!!! 

This hotel needs to be shut down and not open again til they have working rooms especially ones with smoke detectors!!!!

I give it 0 stars, it was awful and I would never stay there again.

The photo above is where the smoke detector should have been!

How do I call the front desk?

This is what google gave me for info

And this is where theyblike to store stuff, outside

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